Cover-More Global SIM app for phone or tablet

The new Cover-More Global SIM app allows you to easily manage your Global SIM account and stay connected with friends, associates and family while travelling.
There are also built in support functions that give you easy access to contact us wherever you are.

Key features of the Cover-More Global SIM app

  • Activate your SIM through the app so you can start using it
  • Make the initial test call to confirm your handset is unlocked
  • Displays your new Global SIM phone number
  • See our rates on the go
  • Check your balance
  • Top up your Global SIM
  • View your usage
  • Chat in real time to our support team

Cover-More Global SIM app is free to download. To use all features of the app, you need to have a Cover-More Global SIM inserted and connected to the internet or Wi-Fi. Please note standard data charges apply when using the Cover-More Global SIM data service; please go to the rates page for more information. 

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